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- This site is in the TESTING stage, feel free to look around! -

We are working on several different Literotica channels for Palm Pilot, Visor and other compatible PDA device users to choose from. For now, all channels should be considered temporary and for testing purposes only. Once we have everything set up the way we want it, you will have a bunch of different ways that you can access the Palm section of the site. For now, try out what you see below and then send us some FEEDBACK with your opinions on how Literotica's Palm site should work. Thanks!

Latest Test Channels

Avant Go #2
Size: 500k (may need to be bigger, still testing)
Link Depth: 3 (should grab all parts of all stories)
Info: All new stories added in the last 24 hours, up to a total of 50 stories.

Note: Avantgo has limited the number of people who can
sign up for our channel. If you have another PDA browser
you can use the Avantgo channel on that as well. Some
people have reported using Plucker with the Literotica
channel. You might try it if you're feeling brave. If you have
suggestions for other Avangto alternatives, please let us
know and we will investigate. Thank you!

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