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Daddy, Don't Look! I'm Naked.
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Then, when he walked more in my room, he stared at the impression my pubic hair and my nipples made in my sheer nightgown. He was looking at me with desire, as if I was a cold beer on a hot day. He moved closer to the side of the bed, casually leaning forward to adjust my pillow behind me, I knew from his standing vantage point that he could clearly see down my nightgown top.

I was excited that my Dad could see my tits, just as I was excited that my Dad was staring at my tits. He could clearly see my areolas and nipples. Knowing all that he could see of me, knowing that he was staring, I pretended not to notice. Too aroused and too horny to feel embarrassed, I was so excited that I had goose bumps. Definitely, I was earning my wings as the sexy seductress.

It was a weird feeling. Even though I was a little embarrassed, I was more excited at the same time. A game that I enjoyed playing, titillated by being the dirty daughter, it felt good to finally have control over my father in this way, even if it was only sexual, especially if it was just sexual. Suddenly, gathering more of my composure, taking back the sexual control, I felt a little bit like a sexy seductress, instead of a slutty cock teaser. Certainly, I no longer felt like the incestuous victim. I was back in control.

"Tell me, how do you think you'll feel about being naked on the set of the Earth Day photo shoot?"

"Actually, I haven't given it much thought, Daddy," I said lying.

I couldn't believe he even asked me that question. Duh! Of course I had thought about the Earth Day nude photo shoot, being naked, showing my body to my horny brother and my perverted father, while ogling their cocks, is all that I thought about. It was all that I masturbated over, whenever I was alone in my room, which I couldn't wait to be, again, so that I could masturbate over this little incestuous exhibition and voyeur exchange that we were having now.

I needed to masturbate. I really needed to get off. I was so very horny. I needed to get off over that sexy dream of blowing my brother and now over what my Dad is seeing of me that he shouldn't be seeing of his dirty daughter. Never have I felt so alive and excited, as I have dreaming about having sex with my brother and now flashing myself to my Dad.

Only, I couldn't believe he was asking me these questions now that he's alone with me in my bedroom. These were questions that he should have asked me before, when we were all gathered as a family, in the family room. These were questions he should have asked ,when he first presented the idea of posing naked together, as a family for that Earth Day advertisement. Why is he asking me these questions now?

I figured, by the size of his obvious erection, he must be horny. Certainly, without doubt, he was aroused. Naive and innocent, I guess I truly didn't understand why he was suddenly standing in my room, just wearing a bathrobe over his obvious erection, and asking me about how I felt about the upcoming naked photo shoot. I just wanted him to leave me alone in privacy, so that I could do my thing, masturbate, and get off, before exploding with sexual frustration.

I was having trouble reading him. He never comes into my room, especially when he's only wearing a bathrobe and never when he has an erection. Now that I think about it, I've never seen my Dad with an erection, not that I ever looked or noticed. Eww. Gross.

Not normally nervous around my Dad, he was suddenly making me afraid, especially in the way he was leering at me with a crazed expression on his face. Yeah, sure, at first, he made me feel desirable, when he first stared at my pussy and ogled the impression that my pubic hair and nipples made in my sheer nightgown, before staring down my nightgown top at my tits, areolas, and nipples, but now he was making me feel a little more than uncomfortable.

At this point in time, I just wanted him to leave so that I could masturbate. I didn't understand why he was lingering and leering. It was surreal having him there in my bedroom, when there was no one else in the house but us. After dreaming of my brother and having sufficiently flashed my Dad, I had plenty of masturbation material to get myself off later. I was ready for Daddy to leave me alone to my bad self.

Then, with his bulging penis practically in my face, I wondered how I'd react to seeing my father's cock and there it was poised and hiding behind his bathrobe. I couldn't help but stare at the bulging impression his cock made in his bathrobe. I wondered what it looked like. It looked so big. He must have a huge cock for it to push out his heavy terrycloth robe like that.

I had great difficulty in forcing myself to look away and not to stare at his bulging erection. Already feeling so much like the incestuous slut that I obviously am, unaccustomed to having all these new sexual feelings towards my Dad and my brother, I didn't want him to catch me looking. Certainly, I didn't want to lose my status as the innocent daughter. Moreover, from being deemed a cock teaser to a sexy seductress is sometimes a fine line and if my Dad caught me looking at his bulging erection, then I'd be more the incestuous slut of a daughter than the sexy seductress. A seductress would know that a man had an erection, without even having to look.

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