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Naked Sara's Ch. 04: The Cowboys
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"Did all of them do you, Miss Sara?" Little Billy asked.

She looked over at Elizabeth again; Ma got a slow nod and half a smile of reassurance from Elizabeth. "Yes, Billy, they all did me," Ma spoke softly. She took a deep breath before continuing.

"I heard Tommy yell, so I ran out of the cabin into the yard. I saw an Apache holding a knife at Tommy's throat. The first thing that came to mind was to distract them somehow. I held up my tits like this, jiggled them up and down, and offered them to the Apaches. They didn't seem to understand right away. So I turned around, got on my knees and pulled my butt cheeks apart to show them my cunt and asshole. I smiled at them, and gestured for them to come over and fuck me. They tied Tommy to a fence post with his pants down around his ankles, then took turns doing me."

Elizabeth carried on with the story from there. "By the time we got here, Aunt Sara was hanging by her tits from the front porch beams, her legs were tied out to either side. The Apaches whipped her ass, her tits and up between her legs. Uncle Joseph and Richard cut her down while Harold and I untied Tommy. While he was tied to the fence post, he got hard watching Aunt Sara, which is understandable; those things have an effect on men. Just like this story is getting some of your peckers worked up again." Elizabeth smirked as the guilty cowhands blushed.

"Harold and Richard helped me tend to Aunt Sara. They put salve on the cracked and bleeding parts of her tits. I daubed salve on her pussy; it was swollen and bright red. I also dug the splinters out of Tommy's penis. It was the first time I touched a man's pecker or another woman's cunt. It took almost a week for her to be able to walk normally again."

There was still enough prejudice among whites that some men wouldn't have anything to do with a woman who'd been raped by Indians, even though it wasn't her fault. Ma could see a few of the men had reservations about fucking her again after finding out Apaches had been in her cunt before they got to it.

Elizabeth quickly lightened the mood. She lay on her back and pulled her knees wide open. "Since you boys are already hard again, let's start fucking! Aunt Sara and I are ready when you are." Ma smiled at Elizabeth; she lay back and showed off her pussy, too.

Little Billy moved to Elizabeth right away. One of the black cowboys, Zeke, was the first to approach Ma. He was on his knees with Ma holding his penis, ready to pull him in to her. Zeke looked over his shoulder at the others. "This lady's been done by Mexican and Indian and black outlaws. Then she was done again by the Apaches. So what? She invited us here for a picnic, took the time to show us all about a woman. She let us feel her all over, and then let us fuck her. Miss Sara ain't been nothing but kind to us. If any of you got a problem with her being fucked by Indians, or anybody else for that matter, then get your britches on and ride on out of here. The rest of us won't have to wait in line so long. So make up your minds. Either you treat both of these nice ladies with respect, or I'll chase your sorry asses out of here myself!"

They all looked sheepish, but none of them moved to leave. Little Billy turned his attention back to fucking Elizabeth. Ma pulled Zeke into her pussy, then put her arms around him and hugged him tightly while he fucked her.

Pa and I took our turns along with the others. Little Billy took one last turn with Ma while the rest of us relaxed and chatted around them on the blanket.

Elizabeth whispered in Ma's ear. Ma just said yes; they both giggled. "Before you gentlemen leave, I'd like to kiss you all goodbye," Elizabeth said with a big grin.

The cowhands looked at each other, and Billy was first in line again. He bent over and puckered his lips. "No, silly, stand up straight. I'm going to kiss your peckers goodbye," Elizabeth said in a teasing tone.

Billy looked puzzled, but stood up. "You're going to kiss our... peckers even after they've been inside you and Miss Sara?"

"Sure, Billy, why not? You don't have to let me kiss it if you think that's nasty."

"No, you go right ahead, that would be real nice of you. I just never heard of such a thing, that's all. I guess there's nothing really wrong with it. At least I don't think there's anything wrong with it," he said. As the youngest of the cowboys, he was checking the reactions of the others to make sure he wasn't doing something objectionable.

Elizabeth took his penis in one hand and examined it while fondling his balls with the other. "Aunt Sara was right. You have a fine looking pecker, Billy. I'm going to miss it," she said before she leaned forward and planted a long kiss on the tip, right where the hole was. He shivered visibly, and I thought surely that Billy would unload on her again. But after cumming three times inside the women, he was out of ammunition I guess you could say.

The rest of the men waited their turns in line. Elizabeth took the time with each to examine their dicks and play with their ball sacks before kissing them goodbye. The cowhands got dressed; Ma and Elizabeth walked with them back to the front. Pa and us stood behind the women as the cowboys mounted up. Before they left, Ma invited them all back on their next Saturday off, a month away. "That is, if we didn't scare the hell out of ya when we were both 'howling like coyotes!' That just means we were enjoying it."

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