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Mom Needs Son's Help to Strip Naked
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Because she refuses to wear jeans, she has a collection of long, denim skirts of varying lengths, colors, and styles. Further, because the skirts she wears are long, usually below her knee, she thinks that no one can see her panties, whenever she squats down to pickup bottles and cans. Only, I can and routinely do, especially when squatting down along with her and far enough away from her and in front of her to give me a good view, on the pretense of helping her pick up the bottles and cans, too.

She has a collection of tops, too, that, when leaning forward, her top falls open and because I'm so much taller than my Mom, even when squatting down, I get a great view of her bra clad breasts and abundant cleavage. I just love my Mom's tits and would so love to reach my hand down her blouse and feel her breast through her bra, while fingering her nipple. Every time we go hunting to collect trash, which is what I refer to it as, but she calls it recycling, she collects bottles and cans and I collect new masturbation material by ogling my Mom's panty and bra. Always looking and always excited to see, while imagining more, I never tire of stealing peaks of my Mom's panties and bra.

I realize the sexual attraction that I have for my mother is not normal and just a stage that I'm going through. With all the testosterone that surges through my body, I can't stop myself from looking, whenever she's showing. I'm always horny. All it takes for me to get an erection is to see my Mom's panty or bra. All it takes for me to want and need to masturbate is to see her panty clad pussy mound and pussy slit or to see her cleavage or to see the impression her nipples make through her bra and blouse. Oh, my God.

My Mom has big nipples, too. Oh, God, just writing this makes me want to stroke myself, while thinking of my Mom sucking my cock, as I fondle her round tits and finger and suck her big nipples. Ever since she was in my bedroom and I was masturbating with my eyes closed, while wearing my headphones, I think about masturbating for my Mom. I'd would love for her to watch me masturbate, again, only this time with my eyes open, while I watched her watching me. I wonder how long she was standing there watching me. I wonder if watching me masturbate was as exciting for her, as it was for me to have her watch me masturbate.

Even though ogling my Mom is sexually exciting, it's sexually frustrating, too. While imagining more, I always want more, but I'm afraid to take that first incestuous step. Probably for the better, it's as if there's a hidden wall stopping me from taking that incestuous step.

Hopefully, once I graduate college and find a girlfriend, my incestuous addiction to my mother is something that I'll outgrow. Without having to do so much studying, always home alone with my mother, I'll have time for a girlfriend then and will hopefully have regular sex with a female, instead of with my hairy hand, while thinking about having sex with my mother. Between school, studying, and going with my Mom to collect bottles and cans, there's no extra time left for me to pursue a normal relationship with a woman my age.

Just as I don't have time for a girlfriend, my Mom doesn't have time for a boyfriend. So involved with her community activities, especially now with Earth Day quickly approaching, she's content to hang out with me, while collecting bottles and cans. I can't help but wonder if she gets horny. I wonder if she masturbates and if she does, what she thinks about, while masturbating. I can't help but wonder if she knows that she's flashing me her panties and bra and that I'm looking. Maybe women are wired differently than men and are above the titillation of exhibitionism and voyeurism, especially when the exhibitionist is the mother and the voyeur is her son, but I can't help but wonder if she masturbates to what she's showing and all that I'm seeing of her.

Because I've been so horny, lately, even hornier than usual, after my Mom accidentally flashes me her panties and/or bra, I been flashing her, too, lately. As if I've taken the next step to crossing that forbidden incestuous line, every chance I get, when I know she's coming up to my room, I pretend I'm sleeping naked or changing my clothes. It's easy to flash her in the summertime. Not wearing a lot of clothes, we don't run the air conditioning at night, rather we leave the windows and our bedroom doors open for the cross breeze.

My Mom is a night owl and because it's so hot in the house, I'll strip down naked and lay on top of the sheet. Sometimes, as if I've fallen asleep reading, I'll purposely leave on my bedroom light. Through the slits of my nearly closed eyes, I've watched her coming up the stairs and pause at the top of the stairs to look at me naked in my room. Then, she'll quietly come into my room, right up to the table behind my bed and turn off the light. Oh, my God. Always, as soon as she leaves, I masturbate to the thought of her seeing me naked.

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