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Can I Borrow Her?
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She could now feel his obscenely large bulge rubbing against her pussy lips through his sweatpants which were clearly stained with urine over his crotch.

As he continued to paw her succulent tits, she unknowingly started to move instinctively over his crotch until she was lewdly grinding her pussy into him. Seeing his victory, the fat man wasted no time in snaking his claw under the front of her lacy thong.

"oh, yea, you slut.," Fenke chuckled, "your bald pussy is gettin' wet for're such a whore."

'Can I possibly be aroused by this foul creature???', the blond wife wondered in disgust before Fenke began to plunge his thick fingers deep into her sex, banishing all thoughts in her head.

He fingered her roughly as Jenny moaned around the metal and plastic still between her lips. Fenke removes the phone and quickly stuffs his pussy-juice soaked fingers deep in her mouth while working her clit with his other paw.

Jenny's eyes suddenly lock onto the face of the busty blond on the TV screen as she sucks a large cock and she realizes that her situation is just as hopeless.

As Fenke rolls her clit between his large fingers she finds herself writhing on his hand and now participating in the violation of her mouth by sucking on his fingers as they work their way all the way to the back of her mouth, tempting to suffocate her.

Reveling in his victory, Fenke feels the young wife start to shake and suddenly moans around his hand. "MMMMMmmmm" she spits out his hand," NOO, I'm commminggg!, MMMMmmmmmmmnn!!!!"

Exhausted she falls back on his chest, not realizing that now her face his dangerously close to his. Suddenly she tastes the putrid tongue of Raymond Fenke as it struggles to taste every inch of her mouth. Fenke continues to make out with the young wife as his hands return to her perfect tits.

"Rayy...mmph...ray...mmphh, please, ray.....", Jenny pleads between smacks from his crusting lips, "haven't I made up ..mmph, for everything? Mmphh...can I go now, Ray?"

"you better ask me nicer, you filthy slut!", Fenke now commands, fully relishing his upper hand. "call me Daddy Fenke, hahaha"

"Plleeaseee Daddy Fenke...mmph,....can I go??" She squeels.

"Ok...first get on your knees and beg like the whore you are"

Jenny gets up on wabbly legs and lowers herself between his large thighs. Little does she know, this brings her face to face with his huge tool, tenting his urine-stained pants...her eyes are glued, she remains speechless.

Fenke grabs her thin wrist and places her hand on his bulge. "Take it out you slut, wife", coldly Fenke commands. With glossy eyes, jenny pulls down the sweatpants over his huge fat ass, releasing a strong foul musk. She continues to his shit-stained underwear, her hands touching his sweaty hairy ass as she struggles to pull them down to his ankles.

Without asking, jenny reaches out and grabs his firm manhood with her small hand...suddenly she feels as if she is the child here.

Her eyes now adjusted to the dim lighting, she sees the most disgusting cock -- covered with veins and lined with verrocous warts. Worse yet was the foul smell that reminded her of a public restroom...but nevertheless, she found her small hand working its way up and down, amazed by how hard it was on such a flabby man....and how BIG it was

'..i'm's huge...maybe Alan is the child'

The obese man, stands up, his huge cock now resting on her nose, bobbing up and down her face, painting it with his precum. "you want to suck it don't you, you cheating slut?", Fenke chuckles.

Unsure to this day why she responded as she did, Jenny stares up at her fat neighbor and whisper, "Yes please, Daddy Fenke." Before she can take back her answer, the head of the beast penetrates her lips, the smell and putrid taste nearly making her gag.

"Not yet, my blond barby'll choke soon enough," Fenke mocked.

Sensing her reluctance return, he moves his cock back into her mouth as she starts to open her mouth to talk and starts rocking back in forth. Suddenly he plunges deeper, tickling her throat with the tip of his monster cock, and as she tries to move back he holds her head in place, forcing her to deepthroat him.

She urgently yanks her head back, partly because she couldn't breath but more out of horror of what was happening. She inhaled deeply, but instead of sweet air she inhaled the pungent aroma from his cock deeper into her lungs and tasted every bit of him deep in her throat.

She looked up into his cold eyes, down to his weak chin housed by his open laughing mouth which was showering her with drops of foul spit. Her gaze continuing over his hairy chest down to his fat ass stomach defined only by his impossibly deep umbilicus, his fat hanging well over wherever his waistline should be (did he ever clean underneath? does he ever see his pe.n...i...)

Her thoughts ended abruptly as she tracked the thick angry cock pointing straight at her face. (oh yes, there it is, I cant believe this is happening). Purple veins coursing along its entire length, covered in her thick saliva with strands dripping down to her chest.

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