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Nude Day Pornographic Family Movie
By SuperHeroRalph
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This is a Nude Day contest story. Please vote.

Mother, father, sister, and brother make a movie to save their house from foreclosure.


"And action," said the Director.

There she is sitting on the couch again with her knees parted enough for me to see her sweet spot, her panty covered mound. I'd give my right nut for a closer look, for a sniff, a touch, and a taste of my sister's cunt, thought Jason sitting down in the chair across from his sister, while staring at all that his sister was showing. Gees, her panties are so transparent that I can see her pussy slit, he thought. She's such a sexy bitch. I'd love to do her right here on the couch and right now with my Mom in the kitchen.

After a long frustrating week of being teased by my older sister Diane, I reached the breaking point. She makes me so frigging horny that I just want to whip out my cock and force her to touch me, stroke me, and suck me. She's such a sexy slut. Always purposely flashing me her panties and her bra and making it appear accidental, when she catches me staring, she loves turning it around to make me feel like the pervert for looking, when she's the cockteaser. Yeah, that's what she is. She's nothing but a cockteaser.

Especially with it being Nude Day in just a few days, the thought of my sister naked, the thought of her big tits, pink areolas, and puffy nipples, the thought of her round, shapely ass, and the thought of her trimmed, blonde pussy, makes me want to touch myself, while touching her. The thought of her on her knees and wanting to blow me, just as much as I want her to blow me and dream of her blowing me is a fantasy I wish I could experience.

Just once, I'd love to tie her to her bed, strip her naked, and touch her in all the places where no brother should ever touch his sister. Just once, I'd love to stick my cock deep inside of her pussy, put my hands underneath her, cup her naked ass, and fuck her hard, until she cums and I cum inside of her. Just once, especially when she's berating me and calling me names, I'd love to shove my hard cock in her big, loud mouth, put a hand behind her pretty, blonde head and watch her blow me, as she looked up at me with those big, blue eyes, while I humped her pouty mouth, and fucked her beautiful face. Oh, yeah, the image of her on her knees with my hard, hairy cock in her mouth, while looking up at me, is the image that I masturbate over daily.

Just having awakened, I sipped my first cup of coffee, while mindlessly staring at my sister's exposed panties and wondering what it would be like to have sex with my sexy sister. I imagined fingering her through her panty, before licking her through her panty. I imagined pushing her panty aside, while kissing her and before inserting a long, stiff finger in her pussy and rubbing her clit and her bean with my thumb.

She's flashed me her panties so much that I just want to tear them off of her. Sometimes, when she's wearing her nightgown, she doesn't wear panties and flashes me her pussy, but today, she's wearing panties. I love her panties. Her bikini panties are so sexy that I just want to eat them, while eating her. Subscribing to the look, but don't touch incestuous sort of lust, every night I touch my sister in my dreams and every morning I have sex with her in my thoughts, while masturbating over the sexy sight of her.

"Oh, gross, Jason," said Diane looking up, catching me looking, and closing her knees. "Were you just staring at my panties?"

"No," I said, still waiting for the caffeine to work. Making me feel like the incestuous pervert that I am and that she, no doubt, is too, for constantly flashing me her panties, she startled me awake from my sexual fantasy of having sex with my sister.

"Yes, you were. I saw you. Mom! Your perverted son was leering at me and staring at my panties again."

"If you sit like a lady Diane, instead of a truck driver, you'll give brother nothing to see."

"You're always sticking up for him," said Diane getting up from the couch and whacking me on the side of my head, before storming up to her room. "Pervert."

She's always hitting me, slapping me, scratching me, and kicking me. Just once, I'd love to cold cock her and knock her out. I'd throw her over my shoulder, carry her up to her bed, strip her naked, and give her the fucking that she so deserves. Oh, yeah, after years of putting up with her abuse, her foul mouth, and her cock teasing, just once I'd love to fuck my sister. Just once, I'd love to see my sister sucking my cock.

"At 20-years-old and 23-years-old, you two still act like children. It's time you both grew up, left the nest, and found places of your own," said my Mom.

"If there were any jobs out there to be had, Mom, we both would have left long ago," I said.

Living in such a big house, why we all congregated in the same, small living space was beyond me. Feeling bored and restless, I was feeling so horny and, as usual, I needed some new masturbation material. Listening and waiting for Diane to go in her bedroom and close her door, I moseyed out to the kitchen to see what my Mom was doing and to hopefully catch a down nightgown flash of her tits. I love my Mom's tits and I love ogling every sexy part of her. So that one doesn't see me ogling the other, it's easy to voyeur my Mom and my sister when they're separated.

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