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CFNM Employment Exams
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Kent thought she seemed very excited for some reason. He completed the paperwork and waited. It seemed as though the examination was very thorough. "I guess they don't leave any stones unturned here in Lake Haven", he thought. This was not going to be fun, but he needed to finish it and finalize things for his new job. Besides, it had been a while since he'd had a physical and it wouldn't hurt to get things checked out. From the looks of the paperwork, literally everything was going to get checked out. "Oh well", he thought. He was sure the doctor is one of those old time small town guys that made everyone feel more comfortable.

Mrs. Dixon came back into the office and gathered the paperwork. "All ready to get started?" she asked. "Yes", Kent replied. "But where is the doctor?" Mrs. Dixon smiled faintly. "Oh, he is out every Thursday and Friday," she replied. "I'm a volunteer nurse's aid and attend to all the routine appointments, like employee physicals, when he is away. I'll be taking care of your examination today."

She looked directly at Kent as realization washed across his face. "Well, I really don't want to trouble you on a Friday afternoon. I can just come back on Monday.".

"That won't work at all", Mrs. Dixon replied. "Carol said she needed all the paperwork at the end of the day today."

"I am sure she can just handle it Monday afternoon", Kent announced, trying to make it sound final. "You can just set me up with an appointment for Monday morning."

Mrs. Dixon frowned. "No. Your appointment is today. In order for your job offer to be finalized, your application must be completed today. Kent, I am a trained professional. I would hate to have to go home to the Superintendent this evening and tell him your application was not finished because you had not completed your exam....especially if it was because you were not comfortable with my attending to your physical. He would not enjoy having to look for another candidate" she said evenly.

Kent looked at her and then at his feet. He needed to complete this application or he would not be getting the job in Havenwood. And now he had no job at home waiting for him. This was going to be awkward but he really had no other choice. How bad could it be? Pretty bad, from the look of the forms. He was going to have to be intimately inspected by this woman...who he would then be seeing socially on a regular basis.

Mrs. Dixon interrupted his thoughts. "Kent, are you proceeding with your application -and examination - or not?" she asked.

Kent hesitated for a moment, then looked her in the eye. "Yes, Mrs. Dixon. I would like to complete my application today", he said finally.

She smiled broadly. "Good decision, Kent. I promise that you will be in very good hands. Let's go get started." Mrs Dixon was pleased with the unexpected turn of events. She had anticipated this would be a boring Friday and the afternoon started very quietly. Then Carol called to say a new employee candidate was headed over. Little did she know that within the hour, Kent Richards would be before her in the office. She certainly did enjoy the advantages that came with serving as a medical assistant here in Lake Haven...

Mrs Dixon and several other administrators wives had been volunteering in the office for several years now. All new hires followed the same incoming process, which she and the other ladies loved. Like many of the Lake Haven faculty, Kent Richards was a handsome, fit young man, and Mrs Dixon looked forward to the opportunity to more closely appreciate his attributes. All incoming employees were required to undergo a very thorough physical, and these exams were nearly always completed by the nursing volunteers.

With Carol's help, it seemed they were somehow always scheduled for days when the doctor was away! This, along with the school districts requirement for an annual checkup, had given Mrs Dixon and her friends the opportunity to have overseen examinations for all of the male faculty. Curiously, the exam required for female candidates was very abbreviated and these were scheduled while the doctor was in the office. As for the gentlemen - the requirement for a full head-to-toe remained unchanged throughout the years, and the ladies delighted in having such intimate knowledge of the staff. Of course, an added bonus was having this knowledge while they attended various school events. They never had to wonder what was beneath the male teachers' suit pants or corduroys...they had seen it all!

Mrs Dixon wondered how Kent would feel at the upcoming holiday party knowing that she had seen all of his most private areas. It was fun for her at these events to walk around knowing who had the largest penis, the tiniest one, the biggest balls, and knowing what each cute ass looked like when it was relieved of both pants and underwear.

It was not long after she started volunteering that Mrs Dixon realized how much she enjoyed the power of her position. She had completed several exams, and found the process very much to her liking. But all of her patients thus far had been strangers. Mrs. Dixon was curious to know what it would be like to examine someone she knew personally. She hadn't yet completed an annual physical for an existing faculty member. So far, all of her patients had been new applicants to the school district who were completing their pre-employment physicals.

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