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My Wife Likes to Sunbathe Nude
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"Don't turn over."

I whispered, "Tina can see!"

"I don't care. Let her look."

I couldn't believe that Susan didn't care if Tina saw me with an erection. I thought she was taking quite a chance. What if Tina were offended? What if she told her husband? I guess if Susan didn't care, then I shouldn't either.

So, I lay there on my back with my erect cock on display.

Susan whispered, "Your cock is so big right now. I can see all the little arteries and veins."

Nothing much happened beyond that. I'm sorry to disappoint you. I know you want me to tell you about the sex that we had in front of Paul and Tina. My cock eventually relaxed and went limp. The whole thing really only lasted for a few minutes.

Paul woke up and the four of us chatted some more. Tina was all smiles and she talked a mile a minute. I'm sure that she saw what happened. Thank goodness she was not offended by our little show. In fact, in the weeks that followed, she often sat near us and went swimming with us in the pond. I have a lot more stories to tell you about Tina.

August 7

Susan and I were sunbathing again today. It was a weekday morning around 10 o'clock and the only one there beside us was Rachel. She is a pretty little thing with red hair and blue eyes. She's only nineteen years old.

Rachel was sitting right in front of us. Our towels were so close that they were almost touching. She looked so beautiful! I could see the soft white skin of her inner thighs from her knees all the way up to her pubic area. Her young breasts were lovely too, full and ripe, with pink perky nipples. I couldn't help staring at her.

You would think that Susan would be angry or jealous, but she knows that I am a man and that it's normal for me to want to look at another woman. Looking is not the same thing as touching.

So there I was, sitting and talking with Susan and Rachel, when, suddenly, Susan started to massage my left foot. She placed it on her right thigh so that she could massage it better. That, in itself, isn't so unusual since I've had trouble with my foot ever since I had to have surgery to repair a tendon. Susan massages it for me at home sometimes. The problem for me now was that I was already so horny from being naked in the sun with the two ladies that it wouldn't take much to cause me to get an erection. Since I was stark naked, that would be very embarrassing! Of course, Susan knew how horny I was. That's why I was really surprised that she would want to massage me now. Didn't she know what could happen?

I think Rachel must have felt a little uneasy too because I remember her awkwardly asking, "How can you stand having your foot rubbed?"

All I could manage to stammer was, "It feels good."

And it did feel good. Susan was doing a very good job kneading the muscles in my arch. She knows the spots that need attention. She was all business, concentrating on the task. Susan applied sun tan lotion to her hands, using it as a massage lotion. When she got done kneading the muscles in my arch, she would glide her hands up over the sides of my foot and ankle.

My foot was resting on Susan's thigh only a few inches from her belly and her little pussy. I tried not to think about the intimate contact, but it was impossible. In fact, every now and then when Susan leaned forward, my foot would brush up against her tummy. I felt so exposed. Rachel could see my penis and testicles. It would be awful if I got an erection now. I wouldn't be able to hide myself.

I tried to calm down, really I did.

The girls chatted while I mostly listened.

"Okay Bill. It's time for your right foot."

Susan was smiling at me. She was obviously very pleased that I was enjoying my massage.

I had to turn a little more to face her so that she could place my right foot on her thigh a few inches apart from my left foot. Susan was now facing me more directly. I couldn't help looking at her breasts. They were dangling right in front of my eyes, their lovely brown nipples pointing directly at me. They looked so tempting.

I quickly looked away, but it was too late. My cock was filling with blood. There was nothing I could do to stop it! A man only has so much resistance you know. Within an instant, I had a raging hard-on. It was sticking up in the air like a sore thumb.

I was so embarrassed! Rachel could see my erection!

I thought maybe Sue would take pity on me and stop the massage so that I could turn onto my stomach, but she just continued as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Maybe she thought that my erection would subside within a few seconds.

But it didn't subside. Blood continued to rush into my cock. It was getting stiffer and hotter with each second. Now it was eight inches long and throbbing. I was so horny!

I tried to think about anything else. Anything to get my penis to calm down. But I was so turned on by the situation. Rachel was seeing me a state of sexual arousal that only my wife normally gets to see. I never had a hard-on like this in front of anyone else. My heart was beating rapidly. My cock was throbbing with each pulse.

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